What happens with the fees collected to play in this league?

This is a not for profit league. The net proceeds will be used to fund charitable associations and projects.

Who can join a TPA League?

Any member of a pickleball club over the age of 18 years. Participants must be members of Pickleball Canada and Pickleball BC.

How much does it cost to join a TPA League?

It costs $50 to join one league, $80 to join two. Two leagues, one gender specific and one mixed, are the maximum number you can join.

I don't think that I can commit to join a team for the season. What are my options?

If you can't commit and join a team you can add your name to the substitute players list. There is no charge for substitute players. Substitute players are not eligible for the playoffs. If you decide that you want to play in the playoffs and be eligible for the prizes then you need to register and pay like everyone else

When will the league start?

Registration opens on May 1 and closes on May 25. Play will begin at the end of May.

How often do teams play?

Teams generally play once per week, though multiple matches are possible if agreed upon by all involved.

Who organizes when and where matches are played?

The team captains contact each other and agree to a time and place for the match. It is the responsibility of the home captain to initiate contact prior to the scheduled week.

What are the home team responsibilities?

The home team will provide two courts for a minimum of 1.5 hours, plus four new or almost new Franklin balls.

If a match consists of 3 regular games plus a tiebreaker, that won't take that much time. What are the options for making it worthwhile from a playing time point of view?

There are a few options available if players want to play longer. A travelling team might want to arrange 2 matches with 2 different teams back-to-back on the same day in order to make the journey worthwhile. If travel is not required perhaps after the league match has been completed the teams might want to mix players and play a 'friendly'.

What can be done to ease long distance travel costs and time?

Captains can agree to meet at a central location to play. Another way to ease travel requirements is to create a multiple match event.

What is a multiple match event?

Multiple Match Events (3 or 4 teams) can also ease travel time and costs. Multiple match events can be conducted as team round robin matches. 4 team events are the most efficient use of time with all of the teams playing at the same time. This event requires 4 courts for at least 4.5 hours. The host captain must make the court bookings, contacting the TPA League Commissioner if necessary. The host captain must make agreeable arrangements with the other captains.

Sample 4 Team Round Robin:

Courts 1 & 2 Courts 3 & 4

Round 1 team 1 vs team 2, team 3 vs team 4

Round 2 team 2 vs team 3, team 4 vs team 1

Round 3 team 4 vs team 2, team 1 vs team 3

What if it rains after the match begins?

Captains will record the status of the match and then decide whether or not to wait and see if conditions will allow play to resume or if a rescheduling is required. If teams are playing in the Kelowna area an option could be to continue the match indoors at the Kelowna Curling Club.

How are TPA teams created?

Teams consist of similarly rated players. Most teams will be created among friends. If you can't find or create your own team you can add your name and rating to our Substitute Player's page and from there teams may contact you to join them or you can reach out to other players on this list to try and form your own team(s).

How many players can be on a team?

There must be a minimum of 4 players to a maximum of 8 players per team. Each player must pay the required league fee before they can join. Captains can find additional players on the substitution list.

Do all team members need to belong to the same local pickleball club?

No. Although it would be cool to add to a sense of community within your local pickleball club we understand that you have friends in different clubs so there is no requirement that everyone belongs to the same club.

What is the TPA match format?

Matches consist of 6 games of doubles, first to 15 points, win by 1, using regular scoring. Each player will play 3 doubles matches, one with each teammate. These will be followed by a special 7th game, in which all 4 players from both teams compete on the same court.

What leagues can I play in?

Your gender and rating level determines which leagues you can play in. For example: a 3.5 rated woman can play in either or both a 3.5 level women’s and 3.5 level mixed league. She cannot play in a 3.0 or 2.5 level league. She would be allowed to play up a half level in a 4.0 level league providing she would be the only 3.5 player in that team’s lineup, meaning she would not be allowed to play in a 4.0 women’s or mixed league match with another 3.5 rated player. She also would not be allowed to play for a 4.5/5.0 league team.

How many teams will there be?

Each league will have 3 geographical divisions with 4 teams in each geographical region.

How long will league play last?

The regular season will last 6-8 weeks depending on circumstances and the playoffs could last another 3 weeks.

How many teams will make it into the playoffs?

Every team will get into the divisional playoffs. The winners of the divisional playoffs will go on to face the other divisional winners in the championship round.

What will the winners get?

There will be medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The winners will also receive custom backpacks (see picture below) plus their names will be printed on a banner that can be displayed at their home court.