TPA was inspired by a pro event called Major League Pickleball. TPA adopted part of their format and then we added a few twists and ended up with a unique team format that we are sure will be well received.

League Format

The TPA will involve teams from the entire Okanagan Valley. Team captains will organize the time and place of each weekly match. Each league will consist of 3 geographical divisions (North, Central and South) and each of these divisions will have 4 teams. During the regular season each team will play the other 3 teams in their division twice (home and away). Every team will make the divisional playoffs with the winner of each geographical division moving on to face the other geographical winners in the championship round. NOTE: Instead of playing weekly matches teams might agree to a special 1 day event in which all 4 teams play at the same time in a 4 team round robin. Details can be worked out between team captains.

Match Format

TPA matches will use the following match format:

  • teams of 4 will compete on a weekly basis

  • before the games begin the team captains will meet in order to determine 4 match options. The visiting team will get the first choice of the following options:

    • who will serve/receive

    • which side to start on (switch sides half way through the game)

    • which team will reveal their lineup first

    • what will be the format of the 7th game

  • each match will consist of 6 doubles games with each player on the team partnering once with each teammate.

  • regular scoring to 15 (win by one)

  • after the 6 doubles games are done a unique 7th game will be played. This game will involve all players playing in a single game on one court. There are different formats that this 7th game can take. You can read about these formats here.

  • teams will receive 1 point for each game won.

Benefits of TPA

  • add variety of venues and opponents at your level

  • build a sense of community at a team/club/community level

  • help players determine an accurate measure as to their playing level

  • broaden your pickleball network

  • generate funds that will be poured back into the community

TPA Rules