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Team pickleball… it’s not a tournament, a ladder or drop in play. It’s something special. Imagine the Ryder Cup (golf) or Davis Cup (tennis) and you’re close. Team pickleball allows you to play pickleball at your skill level while being supported by teammates. It builds camaraderie, involves rooting for one another and encouraging each other when matches get tough.

TPA matches are time efficient. Team captains will collaboratively schedule each week’s match so that you will know exactly when and where you will be playing. TPA Okanagan covers a large area: from Osoyoos in the south to Kamloops in the north. In order to limit travel the league will be divided into 3 divisions (North, Central and South). Each division will have 4 teams which will play the other teams in their division twice in the regular season. Every team makes the divisional playoffs and the winners of the divisional playoffs will compete against the other divisional winners for the right to be crowned TPA Champions!

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