There are 4 steps in registering:

  1. Put together a team of at least 4 players with a maximum of 8 players. You can be on 2 teams - a mixed team and a same gender team. Everyone on the team must be at the same skill level or lower. The majority of your team must be at the skill level of the league you join. For example a Men's 3.5 level team can have 1 player who is at a 3.0 level and 3 players who are at the 3.5 level.

  2. Elect a team captain.

  3. The team captain must register the team by filling in the appropriate registration form below.

  4. After your captain has registered your team, each member will need to pay for their membership via the Pickleball Canada system. If you are a member of another pickleball club in BC you will be familiar with the process. An email will be sent to all team members which will include the link to register. After you have registered and paid individually you will receive a confirmation email with more details. It costs $50 per player to join one league and $80 to join two leagues.

Note: each division (North, Central and South) is capped at 4 teams. The team registration form below will continue to allow registrations if more than 4 teams register. The 5th and subsequent teams to register will be placed on a waiting list. You will receive an email letting you know your team's status. These emails will be sent out every Sunday during the registration period so please be patient.

If you can not access the form below you can register HERE.